Scotland is a land that epitomises forward thinking with a proud history and this is often apparent in her juxtaposition between being an independent people with a strong history within the Union. The spirit of independence is evident in the career and legacy of leaders such as Robert the Bruce, an accomplished warrior and thorn in the side of the English crown. The Roman’s discovered many centuries earlier the hopelessness of attempting to rule the great glens and valleys. As such, sites such as St Kilda and Skara Brae are beautiful untouched remnants of ancient Pictish culture. Many of these locations now offer great luxury breaks and if you're looking for a castle hotel in Scotland, we have a great list for you to choose from!

In the end, it took the Scots themselves to advocate the benefits of becoming part of the UK. The disastrous attempts at establishing a colony in the Americas led to figures such as banker William Paterson to argue for greater political Union. His legacy is the Bank of England which was and remains the most important tool for regulating financial control. The Scottish Enlightenment is a little known part of British history where many influential economic ideas were developed. Adam Smith remains one of history’s most important Economists to this day. The character, directness and cult of Scottish thought is no better summed up than by the works of the recently voted ‘greatest Scot of all time’ Rabbie Burns.

Here at British History Breaks we have put together a list of the best places to stay including castle hotels in Scotland such as Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh and Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire.