The history of this region of Ireland is long and strewn with the legends of ancient Celtic kings. It is this history and the castles in Ireland that make it an interesting place to visit. Yet from the romantic fantasy and proud lineage the most recent history reads as a tragedy worthy of one of local boy Oscar Wilde’s plays. From the partition and troubles however, the province of Northern Ireland has genuine hope for the future.

Northern Ireland’s modern history stems from the 1921 partition of Ireland a key architect of whom was Edward Lord Carson. The fighting spirit of the Northern Irish is epitomised in the fascinating life of Netwonabbey native, Blair Mayne, a founding member of the SAS and an accomplished sportsman. In fact, in the late twentieth century many a great artist and athlete has emerged from this proud area such as Blues guitarist Gary Moore or Manchester United legend George Best. There are few better illustrations of perseverance in the face of adversity than the people of Northern Ireland.

British History Breaks have travelled the country to find the best castles in Ireland for you to stay in as well as beautiful wedding venues in Northern Ireland. We want to make sure that your experience is complete luxury.

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