Bearing witness to invasions, political upheavals, revolutions, the occasional persecution and a lot more besides, few histories can compare to that of the British Isles. The result is a diverse and fascinating country that does clichés and surprises in equal measure. How a small country became a grand exporter of ideas and culture is the accumulation of countless stories - from tyrants to unsung heroes. Find out more about what made the hotels in Britain what they are today!

The consequence is that history is more than just a subject in Britain. It is very visible from the cobbled streets of historic city centres to the abiding walls of a castle.

At British History Breaks, we aim to showcase what makes Britain and the hotels in Britain truly unique; its heritage. Allow us to take the risk out of choosing your accommodation. We have visited each property to ensure they are genuine and have been restored in-keeping with their original charm and character. While we want you to immerse in the historic experience, we must confess that you will have considerable more luxury than the folks of yesteryear! All our hotels are 4 and 5 star with impeccable service. Find out more about the background behind our luxury escapes and the luxury holidays we have chosen.