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Welsh Wine

20th May 2015

When you envisage the rolling green pastures of Wales, perhaps wine is not the first thing that comes to mind, yet Wales is part of an emerging group of excellent niche wine producers Read More

Summer of Open Air Cinema at Historic Venues

20th May 2015

There has been a significant upsurge in the number of open air cinema screenings at historic venues this summer. With a good mix of cinema classics and recent hits, the outdoor cinema is a fantastic way to spend a summer night. Read More

Book Review

20th Aug 2015

Review of Thomas Cromwell: The untold story of Henry VIII's most faithful servant by Tracy Borman Read More

Celtic Monuments to visit in Britain

20th Nov 2015

Unmissable Celtic Monuments to visit in Wales, England and Scotland Read More

Book Review

16th Jun 2016

A British History Breaks review of The Ancient Paths by Graham Robb Read More

The Rise of Heritage Luxury

12th Feb 2016

It is about taking the best of the past and fusing this with modern amenities that have minimal impact on the historic integrity. Read More

Luxury Castle Hotels

9th Jun 2014

When it comes to our built heritage, nothing shouts ‘history!’ quite like the sight of a medieval castle. Many of our childhood stories have images of handsome Princes who overcome challenges and obstacles to rescue the beautiful Princess... Read More

A Weekend in Northern Ireland

6th Oct 2015

I reveal the cultural side of Northern Ireland, visiting Belfast, Derry and the Causeway Coast Read More

Immerse in History to Appreciate the Present

3rd Jan 2014

A deeper understanding of history can result in a greater appreciation for the present Read More

Year of Adventure: Wales 2016

6th Oct 2015

Adventure awaits me along the Gower coast and the gorges in Neath Valley Read More

How did Saint George become the English Patron Saint?

3rd Oct 2014

“Cry, ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George!’” Shakespeare’s rousing speech from Henry V, Act III where he challenges the ‘noblest English’ to prove the ‘worth of [their] breeding’ is among English history’s most celebrated rallying calls. Yet just how ‘English’ was Saint George? Read More

Essential Camera Equipment

1st Oct 2015

Travel consultant Seren shares the photography equipment she never travels without Read More

Refreshingly Affordable Fine Dining

20th May 2015

Wales has five restaurants in the Michelin Guide for 2015, plus plenty more that send your taste buds wild. Read More

Summer Solstice

20th May 2015

Following the annual pilgrimage of 20,000 people to Stonehenge, we take a look the history behind this annual celebration. Read More

Historic Hotels with Access for All

3rd Oct 2014

The wonderful heritage of the UK should be for everyone to enjoy. From the Indian-inspired gardens built by the Victorians to the Norman Castles that litter the landscape, these built legacies have laid the foundations of modern Britain. They are also however, products of their time and were generally built to the specifications of their contemporary designers rather than for 21st century visitors! Read More

Wedding Anniversary ideas

3rd Oct 2014

Originally a way of marking seasonal changes, it was in Medieval Europe that anniversaries evolved into a way of celebrating a couple’s commitment and dedication to one another. Read More

5 Star Hotels

10th Jun 2014

At 5 star hotels, luxury and service are a given but there should always, unquestionably, be something more. It may be difficult to put your finger on it, but it needs to go above and beyond expectations to make it worth you paying that little bit more. Your 5 star experience should be about experientialism and not just materialism. That is because when you go 5 star, you want an experience that is memorable. This is where heritage can really take the 5 star experience that one step further, as you step back into the values of the past while enjoying all the benefits of contemporary hospitality... Read More

4 Star Hotels

9th Jun 2014

The increase in 4 star hotels across Britain over the last decade is a reflection of the expectations that British travellers have of hoteliers these days. It isn’t just the British though; a growing middle class in Europe, Russia and beyond means that more travellers are looking to the luxury end of the hospitality market. Given that the prices of 4 star hotels varies so widely, it probably won’t be a surprise to learn that so does the quality. Yet the difference between the upper end of the 4 star range and 5 star hotels is often negligible. Read More

Celebrating Easter or the goddess Eostre?

25th Mar 2014

Either way, the Easter holiday marks a significant turning point in the year. Read More

Reunite Your Friends and Family in Style with our Exclusive Hire Venues

3rd Mar 2014

Historic luxury venues for exclusive hire Read More

Experience Romance and Culture this Valentine's Day with British History Breaks

26th Jan 2014

Read More

Romantic Places to Propose

9th Jun 2014

If you are bracing yourself to pop the question, the mere thought of it could be giving you butterflies. ‘What if they say no?’ is the one thing you must try not to think about! Luckily there are ways to reduce the odds and the easiest one (other than being your loving, caring self) is to give some careful thought as to where you’d like to do it. In other words, the location matters. Read More

Explore the Story behind Historic and Luxurious Places to Stay in Britain

6th Dec 2013

British History Breaks is the only blog to profile the historic and authentic stories behind luxury historic accommodation in Great Britain Read More

A Landmark Change for English Heritage

30th Jul 2015

The 'new' English heritage was formed on the 1st of April 2015 from the preceding Government agency of the same name. Read More