Luton Hoo Hotel

Even in a country as rich with historic houses as England, Luton Hoo stands out as one of the great stately homes. The grade I listed Georgian building, designed by some of England’s most notable architects, has received an impressive roll call of aristocracy and Royalty over the years, even hosting Queen Elizabeth II during her honeymoon year.

With impeccable 5 star service, guests can feel assured that they will be treated in the same high regard as those who previously called Luton Hoo their home.

History of Luton Hoo

The unusual suffix ‘Hoo’ is a word of Anglo-Saxon origin, which was reputedly bestowed to an English family by King Canute in the early eleventh century. In 1763 Luton Hoo was bought by a Scottish nobleman, John Stuart the 3rd Earl of Bute. He had served as Prime Minister under George III, rising quickly in politics given his role as tutor to the King’s son George, the Prince of Wales. Although considered a favourite of the King, and perhaps the last politician to be officially considered as so, John quickly fell out of favour with the erratic King once becoming PM. Part of Bute’s fall from grace was on account of his bad advice to the King during the Seven Years War, decisions that ultimately cost Britain her 13 colonies in America...Read More

Interesting facts about Luton Hoo

1. The estate of Luton Hoo covers some 1065 acres but the undoubted masterpiece remains Capability Brown’s original 300 acre formal parklands...Read More