Interesting facts about Langley Castle

1. The Battle of Crecy was a decisive English victory over a formidable French army. Several factors won the day for the English; mainly the leadership of Edward III and his son the Prince of Wales Edward the Black as well as the English / Welsh combined longbow men. This coupled with poor decision making by the French King and a terrible storm earlier in the day meant the French knights stood no chance of victory.

2. Thomas de Lucy was the great, great, great grandson of Hugh de Moreville, one of the murderers of Thomas A’Beckett. His father, the 1st Baron Anthony de Lucy had fought with the English side against the Scots at the battle of Bannockburn. 

3. Langley Castle’s first resident was Sir Thomas de Lucy who was a favourite of the reigning monarch King Edward III. Sir Thomas had fought alongside Edward during the King’s invasion of France and seizure of Normandy. In particular, he had proved his courage at the Battle of Crecy which had proved a crushing victory for the English army. Despite his warmongering on the continent, King Edward was acutely aware of the threat from the North and commissioned the building of Langley as a reward for Sir Thomas. It also allowed the King to have a stronghold in the North against Scottish raiders. As recently as 1314, Northumbria had been devastated by King Robert Bruce of Scotland.